The Kel-Mat Cafe

  112 Madison Ave, Skowhegan, Maine






Weekly Specials

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Specials are sent every 3 weeks

Gluten Free Bread available for any sandwich
Gluten Free Pizza Crust

Please note this menu is for 3 weeks

Phone 474-0200
                                Week of  January 12-16
     Monday         Soup: Cream of Broccoli 
        Soup:  Chicken & Wild Rice

    Wednesday  Soup:  Butternut Squash & Apple

     Thursday       Soup: Chicken Chili OR Cream of Cauliflower
                       Special:  Homemade Quiche served with Side Salad
                        Your choice of: Broccoli OR Spinach

      Friday           Soup:  Haddock Chowder OR Thai Curry Chicken & Vegetable
                   Special: Mexican Chicken Wrap - A Tomato Wrap with Spicy Rice & Beans, Greens, Red Onion, Tomato, Cilantro Mayo, Grilled Chicken & Pepper jack. With Lays Chips

                                Week of January 19-23

     Monday         Soup:   Cream of Broccoli            

     Tuesday         Soup:  Chicken & Wild Rice

     Wednesday   Soup:  Scallop & Bacon Chowder

     Thursday       Soup:   Spiced Pumpkin OR BBQ 3 Bean Chili
Special:  Homemade Dynamites served over a roll topped with cheese. Served with Lays Chips

    Friday          Soup; / Corn Chowder OR Split Pea w/Corned Beef
Craisin Pecan Salad - Fresh Greens, Chicken Salad, Cucumber, Pecans, Carrot, Red Onion, & Craisins
                           Served with you choice of Dressing

                                       Week of  January 26-30

     Monday         Soup:  Cream of Broccoli

     Tuesday         Soup:  Chicken & Wild Rice
     Wednesday   Soup: Mushroom & Rosemary

     Thursday       Soup:  Chipotle Sweet Potato  OR Cheeseburger soup
Special:  Eggplant Parmesan - Spinach Fettuccini  with Red Sauce Breaded Eggplant & melted mozzarella

    Friday          Soup:   Seafood Chowder OR Buffalo Chicken soup
                   Special: Meatloaf Panini - warm meatloaf, sauteed onion, cheese & pesto mayo on grilled Panini bread served with Lays chips


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